Why Hiring a Good Child Support Attorney Is Essential

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When couples break up, they may not always agree on how best to divide their assets. However, there is one thing both parents can agree on – children come first. If you’re dealing with a child support issue, an Orlando Family Law Attorney can help you navigate the process and ensure your legal rights and those of your children are protected.

Child support is money paid by a parent to another parent in order to provide for the needs of their children until they reach the age of majority. Generally speaking, a court will establish the amount of child support based on a statutory formula. This formula takes into account several factors, including the net income of both parents, how many overnight stays each parent has, which parent pays for health insurance, and other important considerations.

Ultimately, the goal of a court in awarding child support is to create an equitable arrangement that best reflects each parent’s financial situation and allows for fair and just outcomes for all involved. A skilled child support attorney in Orlando will ensure that all relevant matters are taken into account to determine the appropriate amount of child support to be awarded.

At Longwell Lawyers, we understand how complex the issues of child support and custody can be. Our attorneys will work diligently to obtain the results you need and deserve. We can assist you in cases involving child custody, paternity, enforcement, or modification of an existing child support order.

The team at the Women’s Family Law Firm serves clients in Orlando and the surrounding areas of Florida. The firm’s practice focuses on helping divorced couples settle their child support and custody arrangements, as well as assisting with property division, domestic violence, and spousal support cases. The practice is led by a principal attorney who is also a board certified family law specialist.

A child support case can include a variety of different expenses, such as healthcare costs, transportation fees, childcare services, and educational expenses. The team at the Dane Law Offices is committed to achieving accurate calculations of child support payments by taking into account all relevant factors, such as medical expenses and insurance coverage, tuition fees, and other education-related costs.

In the state of Florida, most child support obligations continue until a child reaches the age of majority (18). If either parent wants to extend this obligation, the court must grant approval of such an extension.

If a parent is not paying the amount they are supposed to, they can be held in contempt of court and their wages can be garnished by the courts. It is best to have the assistance of an experienced Orlando child support attorney who knows the system and the tactics some parents use in trying to avoid paying what they are obligated to pay. Contact us today for more information. We offer a free consultation for all new clients! Call or contact us online to get started.


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